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HÄX CEL started out in 1971 in Hannover, Germany as a very special band. They played rock music, but they did not use a guitar. Instead there was a keyboard with a very distinguished Cembalo sound, some pieces with organ, a flute playing smashing Solo parts, and even the bass and drums were playing as soloists. The music would best be called progressive art rock.

HÄX CEL wrote their own music, which was very often based on classical themes from famous composers like Bach, Albinoni and Beethoven, but taken away into heavy rock riffs and lively variations. The band was successful with concerts and made a single and an LP recording in 1972.

After 1972 the band was quiet for 25 years due to different careers in their professions. In 1997 they got back together almost complete and started to rock the audiences again.

Dieter Neumann (Flute und Vocals), Achim-P. Neubauer (Keyboards) und Michael Moebus (Bass) are from the original band, they contirbute the feeling of the seventies with the musical complexity and diversity of those days. Tobias Neumann (Guitars) und Michael Fromm (Drums) are in their 20s, they are making the sound of today with sophisticated effects and dynamic drum experiments.

HÄX CEL’s music is often compared to Jethro Tull’s , because of the rock flute sequences or Emerson Lake and Palmer for the excellent keyboard and the classical association. In Concerts, the band has a few cover pieces (like “Cross Eyed Mary” from Jethro Tull) as a reference to these great “ancestors”.

The audiences, rock fans of today and from the older days, are usually enthusiastic about the variety and musical depth of the program.

Here is an excerpt from an article of a magazine after a HÄX CEL concert in 2001 :

“....classical themes are made up as rock music. This may sound old fashioned, but it is good. This sounds familiar, not new – but it is pure fun. In a time where many bands follow the motto harder, faster, darker or when some forget the art of playing music over electronic gadgets, a band like HÄX CEL sounds like a three week vacation. Relaxing music from really experienced musicians.”

In 2001, HÄX CEL came out with two new CDs. One is a new recording with the latest pieces recorded with the current band, it is called “HÄX CELlent”. The other one is a collector’s edition initiated by a recording company which re-issues rare progressive rock music from the seventies. That CD contains the LP “HÄX CEL Zwai” and the single from 1972, re-engineered to remove crackling.

A Critic´s view on HÄX CEL ‘s new CD - häxcellent :

“Not only the name of the band is unusual – at least for today. These five men follow a style that many young person may not even know : Art Rock.

This type of rock music is generally perceived as intellectual. Art Rock contains strong influences from classical music. The high time of Art Rock was in the seventies with bands like Gentle Giant, Yes and the early Genesis.

The music of HÄX CEL is also made up of hard rock parts mixed with classical elements. Some pieces are full interpretations of classical works like the Fugue Nr.1 from the Well Tempered Piano and Tschaikowski’s Nutcracker Suite. The latter even has a touch of rock and roll from the sixties.

HÄX CEL’s compositions are sometimes quite complex and display a high musical skill from all players. Another characteristic feature is the frequent use of the flute, which of course reminds of - who else – Jethro Tull. In spite of all the playfulness and classical influences this band sounds up-to-date and is able to rock today’s audiences. The compositions are good and clearly pop up from the usual unified brew. This band plays the music they like and they stand behind what they do. Maybe the musical niche of art rock can offer them a chance for a commercial success, because music of this quality has not been around for quite a while.”

(excerpt from a review from ROCK news Magazine, Germany

Now, in the beginning of 2004, Alexander Beider, who has already played a gig with HÄX CEL 1999, joins the band full time. He replaces Bassplayer Michael Moebus, who had to leave the band because of occupational reasons.
This year HÄX CEL will give their first international concert in Helsinki, Finland, besides some other live-highlightes!

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